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Jussi Lehtisalo - Electric Catapult LP

Jussi Lehtisalo - Electric Catapult LP

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Bursting with high energy and unpredictability, “Electric Catapult” showcases Lehtisalo’s evolution as a solo artist, moving away from his previous electronic maximalism into a realm of impressionistic soundscapes.

The album’s frenetic, all-over-the-place pace and eclectic composition reflect Lehtisalo’s willingness to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. Drawing inspiration and style from early 00’s New York and New Zealand improv groups like Witcyst or even No Neck at its noisiest, “Electric Catapult” channels the raw energy and improvisational spirit of these scenes while infusing it with Lehtisalo’s distinctive adventurous style.

One of the most striking aspects of the album is its subtle quality. Rather than adhering to traditional song structures, Lehtisalo paints with sound, creating tapestries that evoke a range of emotions and imagery. Each track feels like a sonic collage, with layers of instrumentation and effects colliding and intertwining to form a rich and immersive listening experience.

Despite its experimental nature, “Electric Catapult” never feels aimless or too chaotic. Lehtisalo’s gifted command of composition ensures that even the most frenzied moments are grounded in a sense of purpose and direction. The result is a bold and ambitious statement that marks a new chapter in Lehtisalo’s solo career.
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