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Dada Drumming

Kakerlak - Obdormition CD

Kakerlak - Obdormition CD

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Brand new, and very first new material CD release from the long-running American harsh noise act KAKERLAK, "Obdormition". Relatively inactive over the past few years, you can imagine my surprise when I saw a show advertised featuring KAKERLAK in December of '22! I immediately contacted Skeleton Dust about accommodations, and booked a ticket to fly up and see him play, as I was not to miss the opportunity to see one of my absolute favorite artists perform. The next day I offered a CD release, and the fruit of that offer is "Obdormition". KAKERLAK has always been considered one of the finest examples of true harsh noise, sporadic in his releases and almost always on tape or low-run cd-r, spread out amongst various labels and his own imprint "Thorax Harsh Cassettes". Here he returns with a strong 40 minutes of harsh noise implementing dynamic placement and competing sounds, while maintaining the strong abrasive assault KAKERLAK is widely known and appreciated for, with crunching distortion, metal junk, ominous buzzing and scratching. 

Dada Drumming is proud to complete the trinity of Cassette, LP, and CD for KAKERLAK.

Released as a jewel case CD with 8-page booklet.

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