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Kazumoto Endo - At The Controls CD

Kazumoto Endo - At The Controls CD

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After spending the last few years on collaborations and split releases, KAZUMOTO ENDO is back with his first full length CD in 5 years "At The Controls". Three 15 minute tracks of unrelenting harsh noise as only Mr. Endo can produce. Layering textures upon each other in a more or less "live" setting, one can imagine standing in front of Mr. Endo and watching him perform this especially for you (and absolutely wrecking your dreams in the process). Wanting to create something a little more light-hearted and less serious (His words), these are straight-forward harsh noise tracks, without frills and unnecessary accoutrements, all while dazzling the ears with the layered cacophony. There are no comparisons you can draw. KAZUMOTO ENDO stands alone as a statue amongst the legions of Noise artists. An absolute hero, and one I am proud to have finally been able to add to my release roster.

Released as a jewel case CD with 4-page booklet, a double-sided postcard with notes on the release from Mr. Endo himself is also included.

1. Into The Controls
2. At The Controls
3. Out of The Controls

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