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L'Eclipse Nue – A Defective Man / Torn Spectral Lens CD+3"CD

L'Eclipse Nue – A Defective Man / Torn Spectral Lens CD+3"CD

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New studio album American industrial noise unit with its origins in Tokyo.

"A Defective Man is seemingly useless to society. He is a failure. He is a malformed and incomplete. Ultimately, however, the world of form is fleeting and insignificant. In embracing these deficiencies, we release ourselves from the bondage".

A vast amount of field recordings of both human and mechanical sounds are poured over, sampled, and treated with effects: some conservatively, while others are mangled beyond recognition. Synthesizers (both digital and analogue) produce deep bass throbs, shrill piercing shrieks and momentary 'musical' elements. Howling feedback and distortion sound like the inner workings of the electronics are being torn to pieces. The album comes on the full-length CD and is bolstered by a bonus live 3" CD (both CD-proper). It was recorded at the magnificently-named Cold Spring Hollow in Massachusetts just prior to the pandemic. With a mood close to the the main album, if offers the listener a chance to 'be' in the intimate setting: being awash in frequencies, both exhilarating and damning, on a chilly autumn evening in New England.

Ltd x 100 hand-numbered copies presented in a tin box with insert and sticker.
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