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Abhorrent A.D.

Morgan Hall - Malibu Hills Solar Eclipse CS

Morgan Hall - Malibu Hills Solar Eclipse CS

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"Assumptions such as light as a disguise, apartized by scales, shades & divisions regarding to the solar eclipse phenomenon [realistically placed as the event(s) of July 11, 1991 in Los Angeles], thus fame & reputation [obscure they'd seem by one's perspective], historically been a tool of power and dominance in order to satisfy interests & cover up heinous acts.

Unterweger's birthday on 16th of August, astrologically marks the symbolism of an animal, known for its leadership instincts, whilst Leo being a sign ruled by the Sun, also by connecting the dots of his animalistic tendencies & acts against other human beings as products of/for consumption, and the Malibu Hills murder scene [let alone L.A. itself], all are symbolically summing up the idea of a jungle.

For this EP's sounds I used sources such as field recordings, dying hillside plants, steel bars [-scratched on glass], nautical chains, broken wires, vocals & more."

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