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Organ of Corti - Usher / Trauma 7"

Organ of Corti - Usher / Trauma 7"

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Organ of Corti, the trio of Joachim Nordwall (IDEAL Records, The Gagmen), Mattias Gustafsson (Altar of Flies) and Dan Johansson (Sewer Election, Enhet för Fri Musik) returns with another exercise in the slow-motion decay of analog sound. Usher, a minimal hypnotic track on side A reveals its subtle details after multiple listens while the claustrophobic Trauma on the flipside will grab your immediate attention. Machines that hum, sputter, and crackle while slowly moving forward. Vaguely familiar tape loops, spacious synths and crumbling electronics. A journey into the unknown.

The Swedish underground scene continues to deliver some of the best underground acts and Organ of Corti firmly establish themselves as part of the foundation with a recent self-released cassette, another cd on New Forces and this new single. While their sound has clearly evolved, these alchemists are staying true to their original intention of forging fragments of surreal nightmares.

150 copies on black vinyl.

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