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Minimal Impact

Puddle - The Gift That Keeps On Giving CS

Puddle - The Gift That Keeps On Giving CS

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Edition of 40 on new old stock and close-to-identical recycled cases. Features double sided A4 insert, with a two tone print on the A side.

The destruction industry; a construction of an empire. Mutilation of the land and contamination of the waters. Pollute the atmosphere and suffocate life. Society loses its structure without concrete and steel. Mechanised monsters feast on the flesh of mother nature. The torment and torture of earth; a sadistic power with no limits. All in the name of profit. Filth and greed. Bound and gagged by the cogs of capitalism. Products of a conveyor belt. A perpetual cycle of monotony. Barcode printed. Gentrified lives and commodified worth. The dangers of development lead to the inevitable death of progress. We are not machines. We are human. Brainwashed by cancerous technology. Controlled and monitored. Always watching and always watched. Ultra surveillance state. A deeply poisoned, rotten system. We are all complicit. Meet your maker. Feeding the fire of capital gain. Evil is as evil does… For it is the gift that keeps on giving. Visualise industrial collapse. As the nightmare of total annihilation has only just begun.

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