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Robert Turman & Tom Smith - Strip Ice Water to Listerine CD

Robert Turman & Tom Smith - Strip Ice Water to Listerine CD

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Nyahh Records is incredibly excited and honoured to be releasing this collaboration by two of Americas most legendary figures in the Underground music scene. Both active since the late 1970's, Robert Turman and Tom Smith have been there since the start.

Unfortunately we lost Tom Smith in early 2022 due to a sudden illness. These recordings were finished after Tom's death. Robert Turman wanted to release them as a tribute to Tom.

"In March of 2020, early pandemic, Tom asked me "Wanna do a quick and dirty internet collab?" He had recently posted an extended track called 'Strip Ice Water To Listerine', and added "It’s only six days old. A simple generative system. Why don’t we rework it together? Tear it apart, add your bits, then I can sprinkle some magic dust atop the
rubble!" I said I'd see what I can do, but was in the middle of a big project, The Prevalence, and was not in the frame of mind to take on anything else at the time. Fast forward to January 2022, after receiving the sad news that Tom had died, I decided to go ahead with the project. By then I had developed new processes and the motivation to record four new albums over the next few months, one of which was a reworking of 'Strip Ice Water To Listerine'. By cutting up, looping, and sampling Tom's original track, I created a series of rhythmic backdrops for Tom's improvisations, an album's worth of material that I could not stop listening to, and this is the result. Unfortunately the rubble never got the magic dust but I think Tom would have liked it."
- Robert Turman

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