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Sàndor Vàly - Young Dionysos CD

Sàndor Vàly - Young Dionysos CD

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“Young Dionysos” deals with spontaneous manifestations of power, madness, breaking boundaries, unpredictability, depth, ecstasy and sexuality.
This recording is part of a larger audiovisual work that combines music, painting, sculpture, dance and actionism.
“Young Dionysos” delivers an experience of cathartic pain, not entertainment. Vály mounts the stage in his daring way dressed in a tailcoat and combat boots, face covered in a fencing mask, facing a piano.
The opening song is not your run-of-the-mill piano plinking. The instrument is played with a sanding machine, drum sticks as well as with an axe, and, at times, manually.
There is no mercy for the listener, which is refreshing in a way.
The mutilated piano plays surprisingly beautifully, yet heartbreakingly, until the end.
Sándor Vály’s latest endeavor focuses on creative destruction. Combination of different art forms and the sheer extent of “Young Dionysos” is reminiscent of Vály’s earlier works.
With “Young Dionysos”, Vály returns to his artistic roots. This series of works is autobiographical.
As a part of series of works, Vály performed a piano destruction act in Mad House concerts in Eskus Performance Center in March 2017. By the end of the forty minute performance, the piano had been shattered to pieces with an axe.
The more the recipient of art is forced to gather his inner junk, the better. In this respect, Sándor Vály gave a healthy impression. The music of the multiartist Sándor Vály was an extreme experimental ritual of piano destruction, beautiful, brutal, honest.
Vály recorded the percussions for songs Drumwork and Bacchanale in different churches during a pilgrimage to northern Spain.

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