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Theologian - People Are Weak They Deserve Pain CS

Theologian - People Are Weak They Deserve Pain CS

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The successor to 2018’s ‘Reconcile’ cassette on Cloister Recordings, ‘People Are Weak They Deserve Pain’ finds Theologian bracing for the imminent end of human civilisation.

As each day greets us with more news of impending annihilation, we feel fortunate to live lives of relative privilege, casting our opinions on the scales via social media as though they actually carried weight. The deities man looks to for his solace have all been revealed as sham; whether it be money, power, sex, or the voluntary stupidity of religious “faith,” avarice and cruelty have proven to be the truths which guide our society. No more hiding behind ideologies. As Cronus castrated his father Uranus to depose a corrupt power, it is left to the masses, drunk on their conveniences, to rise up. Yet… we won’t. Not here… Not in America. Lee Bartow is weighed down by a paralysis which stems from the fear that there’s no way to undo what we’ve done. All that is left, is for our society to be swept away by the winds of history.

Theologian performance at the Dominion Of Flesh USA festival presented by Cloister Recordings and Fringe Records NYC, features slightly different mixes than the original digital EP, and was mastered by J Stillings at Steelhook Mastering. Insert, sticker and labelled tape in a foil bag. Edition of 80.

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