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Kashual Plastik

V./A - Ministry of Excess CS

V./A - Ministry of Excess CS

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Obscene data and expressive concepts: while being sober all the time, Kashual Plastik launches the “Ministry of excess”. A 21-track strong tape compilation of unrestricted musical memoirs, created by individuals with no memory. Transportive noise, catching sounds from all hums. Experimental sculptures, fractured in research. Hunting the sub-consciousness of things. Instinct acting from an inner necessity. Making familiar objects be as if they were not familiar - and vice versa. On the bill KP acquainted mega selling pop acts like Greymoth, T.V.S.T., Crude Fact, Lamusa II, or Laure Boer, all totally kashual in plastic since a while. New faces in the KP circle appear too. Like Sweden’s Nærværet, taping an oddly new melodic galaxy. Or New Zealand’s LSD Fundraiser, tripping Ayler-esque on squeaking doors and other machinery. There is French sculptor and sound artist Méryll Ampe, passing a new kind of bass music, electric amp driven, partly veiled in an Arthur Russel charm. Or Irish ambient musician Natalia Beylis, drifting into a piano heaven, droning arpeggio journey music. We could tell more, but all is there to listen. So, annex the music, fashion your own stories, sing or speak along the noise and be your own celebrity in this industrial cry. The machines are coming, they will swap you too.


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