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V/A - Under the Island: Experimental Music in Ireland 1960 - 1994 CD

V/A - Under the Island: Experimental Music in Ireland 1960 - 1994 CD

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After two years of digging, hunting, unearthing archives, digitising and a lot of correspondence, Nyahh Records is very excited to finally be announcing the release of ‘Under the Island: A Compilation of Experimental Music in Ireland 1960 – 1994’. Ireland, a country known mostly in the pop music arena for U2, Thin Lizzy, Stiff Little Fingers et al and of course, the Show Band era of the 60s’ to the present, the country is not known for producing a lot of ‘cutting edge, Avant Garde music. A few very influential bands did get out such as Doctor Strangley Strange (1967 – 1971), Mellow Candle (1965 - 1973), Princess Tinymeat (1984 – 1987) and the Virgin Prunes (1977 – 1991). A strange bunch for sure, and where would we be without them. But, further down underground there were a few artists working away in their bedrooms and non-studio settings experimenting with tapes and handmade instruments. Here for the first time is a collection of these artists and their work. Sounds that had been left in boxes on tape or cassette have now been cleaned up and presented together in a collection spanning over four decades.

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